Family Protection Trusts

In today’s society, it is quite usual for family structures to become complex with unique needs. Families change shape for a number of reasons, for example remarriage or a child’s change of circumstances. Ready 4 Retirement work with leading UK solicitors to ensure your family is protected. A family protection trust can also reduce legal fees for probate when someone passes away and can protect family assets during changing circumstances. In some cases, family protections trusts can protect your property should a family member require care.

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Our Funeral Plans all include a Power of Attorney as well as a Will, which comes with great benefits such as:


While many of our competitors charge up to £15 per month for this service, we offer all of our customers this service completely free of charge.


We contact each of our customers every year to make sure their will still reflects their wishes and check if any of your circumstances have changed.


We feel that having a will which reflects your current wishes is very important. That’s why, unlike many other will writers, we do not charge our customers for making amendments.


Our advisors get to know each of our customers’ wishes so they can offer individual advice tailored to your needs. You can then focus on enjoying your retirement with peace of mind.

If you would like to know more then call one of our advisors now on 0800 6446 121.

You will never be pressured or given the hard sell by Ready 4 Retirement. We believe the quality of our products and our customer service do all the selling we need.

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Our market leading funeral plans come complete with a will and power of attorney included. You can save up to £400 in upfront costs. And with plans starting for just 40p a day you can relax and enjoy your retirement.

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A Will is one of the most effective ways to ensure your final wishes are heard and the division of your personal assets is to your specifications.

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Power of Attorney

A Power of Attorney be the best way to ensure your affairs are in the right hands should you lose the ability to control them yourself.

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Funeral Plans

There are many different aspects to planning a funeral and it can end up being very expensive. At Ready 4 Retirement, we are here to help set up funeral plans that mean your costs are covered so that neither yourself or your family need to worry.

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Family Plans

Family Protection Trusts can help reduce the financial stresses that come with a loved one passing. Ready 4 Retirement are here to provide expert advice and guide you in the right direction.

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