We Do Not Take Admin or Marketing Fees Off the Value of Your Funeral Plans

Last night’s show on ITV highlighted many misleading practices industry leaders are currently indulging in, from misleading third party costs to hidden admin fees in funeral plans and self employed sales teams.

Ready4Retirement take a strong stance on these issues and agree with the the points raised by ITV. The fact that these hidden admin fees and marketing charges are in funeral plans is wrong, and should not be allowed to happen. Companies should be made to be more transparent and clearer when explaining the breakdown of costs.

Ready4Retirement was established to provide the best customer service in the industry. We do not have any admin fees or other hidden charges, these are just another way for companies to make money from people, we believe this is wrong.

We pride ourselves in treating families they we would treat our own.

  • We have no admin fees.

  • We have no hidden charges in the small print.

  • Our customers and their families are in full control at all times.

  • If you pay for a plan in a single payment your covered straight away for the value you have chosen.

  • If you chose to use a fixed monthly payment option, your fully covered after 2 years. If the plan matures before then your family will get every penny you have paid back.

  • Our plans grow in value by a guaranteed 2% every year.

  • We don’t send independent planning consultants to customers homes. All of our team are directly employed by Ready4Retirement and follow a fully transparent sales procedure.

  • Money is paid directly to your family or the nominated funeral director.

  • If your funeral costs are less than the value of your Ready4Retirement plan we will write a cheque to your family for the remaining amount.

If you would like one of our consultants to come out and have an honest, no obligations conversation with you and your family, so you can find out all the facts. Give us a call on 0800 6446 121 or email us at info@ready4retirement.uk.