Concept behind the advert

The original concept for the Ready 4 Retirement advert was to have a person at retirement age skydiving from a plane after delivering some dialog to the camera.  However a motorbike was more feasible than an aeroplane for the first advert. The Ready 4 Retirement advert presents what seems to be a stereotypical estate planning advert before switching dramatically to something more upbeat.

Filming the advert

After two and a half months of planning and putting the scripts together the day finally arrived to film the advert. The film crew descended on a picturesque housing estate in East Ayrshire. A river flowed through the back garden which created the perfect back drop for the advert.  Some of the equipment was generously provided by local businesses.

The motorcycle was in position in the driveway and the motorcycle leathers had arrived just in time from London. The roar of the motorbikes engine starting up startled the camera crew as they sat directly behind with the microphone. They filmed it several times to gain the desired effect.

A full day was spent filming to ensure the brand personality was portrayed in the finished advert. The plan for the future is to explore ways to create follow up adverts that tell a longer story. Ready 4 Retirement will soon have a series of different adverts that show how people can enjoy a long and happy retirement.

Keep an eye for the adverts over the coming months. If you would like to enjoy your retirement whilst being able to relax knowing your fully protected then contact one of the experts at Ready 4 Retirement today.